USS Muliphen AKA-61 Bow

USS Muliphen AKA-61 Deck

MacKevic and Lawlor

USS Spiegle Grove LSD 32 & USS Olmstead APA 188

LCU 1492 being loaded with BullDozer in Sardinia, Spain


USS Muliphen AKA 61 LCM's in Valencia, Spain

Lawlor, Ukn, Mackevic

Lawlor and Kaidas

Jim Finley USN

USS New DD 818

Lawlor and Kaidas

USS Fremont APA 44

USS Olmstead APA 188

USS Neosho AO 143


USS Muliphen AKA 61 Capt's Gig

The USS Muliphen Marine's are ready?