Liberty in the Med 1963


L to R - J. Money, SFC; T.F. Hughes, EMC; Norman Hearn, E-Div.; Jack Shingleton, E-Div.;Bob Newman, R-Div.; George James, E-Div.; C."Bullwinkle" Rothlingshofer, M-Div.; Carlos "Pancho" Villarreal, E-Div.; J. White, M-Div.; R.G."Pete" Heckes, E-Div.

Copping a Feel?


Art work in the Electric Shop by Ronald Kelly EM2 (1963)

Norman Hearn enjoying the art.

Thetis Bay defeated Muliphen 64-46


FAST ACTION!! - The crews of the amphibious assault ship Thetis Bay and the attack cargo ship Muliphen tangle under the backboard in a basketball game played on board the Thetis Bay. The two ships were anchored off the coast of Morehead City, N.C., when the game was played. Thetis Bay defeated Muliphen 64-46.


Played during 63-64 Med Cruise.

Muliphen in dungarees. Far left "Jack Pine Trees", Norman Hearns trying to get the shop off and "Charlie Howell" is to the right.

Beach Party '64 Med Cruise


Front row: J.M. Rowe


Middle row: Bruce English, Carlos Villanueva, Bob Casey


Back row: W. Nicoson, N. Hearn