Roy J. (Jim) Heaton was stationed on the USS Muliphen from October 23, 1944 to May 12, 1946.  Below is a transcript of his personal "Log" and his photo's.

Roy James Heaton   “N. Div.”   U.S.S. Muliphen (AKA 61 ) (click to enlarge - page back to return)

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 Nov. 1, 1944  Wednesday

            We started routine, radio watch.  I had the 1500 till 200 watch.  Was relieved early and went out and celebrated last liberty in New York City.   Pay day $24.00


Nov. 2, 1944  Thursday

            I had 2000 to 0200 watch.  Put to sea about noon.  Stopped and had ship demagnetized.  Anchored all night and loaded ammunition.

 Nov. 3, 1944  Friday

            0200 to 0800  watch.  Have going all day.  My guess we are starting for shakedown…


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 …Have watch starting at 2000 to 0800 into the fourth.

 Nov. 4, 1044  Saturday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  We were underway all night and anchored just off the shore of Norfolk, Virginia this morning.

 Nov. 5, 1944  Sunday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  We are still anchored off shore from Norfolk.  Today doesn’t seem like Sunday but the calendar says it is.  Time is an easy thing to forget out here.

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 Nov. 6, 1944  Monday

            2000 to 0200 watch.  Had liberty in Norfolk last night.  We laid anchor all day, today.

 Nov. 7, 1944 Tuesday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  Today we started our shakedown in the Chesapeake Bay.  Tonight we are again anchored in the Chesapeake Bay.

 Nov. 8, Wednesday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  We are anchored off shore from Annapolis, Maryland.  Today – The amphibious had maneuvers.

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 Nov. 9, 1944  Thursday

            0200 to 0800 watch this morning and 2000 to 0200 tonight.  I made mistake yesterday.  We were anchored off the shores of Solomon's, Maryland instead of Annapolis, where we are now.  We had another amphibious maneuver this morning and moved ship at 1400.  Still on shakedown.

 Nov. 10, 1944  Friday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  We were underway all day but now we have anchored again.  I don’t know where we are but I think pretty close to Norfolk again.  We are still in the Chesapeake on our shakedown.

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 Nov. 11, 1944  Saturday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  Had General Quarter most all day.  Listened to football game between Notre Dame and Army.  Army won 59-0 which was quite a surprise.

 Nov. 12, 1944  Sunday

            0200 till 0800 watch this morning and 2000 to 0200 tonight.  Still on shakedown and nothing new.

 Nov 13, 1944  Monday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  We pulled into Norfolk again so went on liberty and as usual didn’t do anything.


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 Nov. 14, 1944  Tuesday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  Shoved off and went back to Maryland for more amphibious maneuvers.

 Nov. 15, 1944  Wednesday

            0200 to 0800 watch this A.M. and 2000 to 0200 tonight.  Still anchored off Maryland went with amphibs. on practice run this morning.

 Nov. 16, 1944  Thursday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  Everything going about the same.  Went to a movie on the ship last night, I didn’t know the name of it but, it was good.   Pay day $36.00

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 Nov. 17, 1944  Friday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  Every thing going the same.  Shakedown just about over.  Wrote four letters today.

 Nov. 18, 1944  Saturday

            0200 to 0800 watch.  Our shakedown over and the shack is secured while they make repairs.  Coming into berth yesterday we sideswiped an aircraft carrier, but no damage done.

 Nov. 19, 1944  Sunday

            I have the duty today but no watches since the shack is secured.  This is one day of the week I’d like to home.


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 Nov. 20, 1944 Monday

            Shack still secured & Messed around all day at nothing.  Went ashore at 1700 and sent about … $4.00 worth of Christmas Cards.

 Nov. 21, 1944  Tuesday

            Shack still secured, just fooled around again today.  Went into Portsmouth, VA. this evening and got a little under the weather.

 Nov, 22, 1944  Wednesday

            Woke-up with a hangover & headache this morning.  I thought it would kill me tonight.

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 Nov. 23, 1944  Thursday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  Left Norfolk Navy Yard at 0800 and refueled at Hampton Roads, anchored out in the bay.  Thanksgiving, but just another day this year.

 Nov. 24, 1944  Friday

            0800 to 1400 watch, but to sea at 0730 headed for Davidsville, Rhode Island to get loaded for whats coming.

 Nov. 25, 1944  Saturday

            Secured radio shack when we docked at Davidsville, R.I.  To be loaded, went on liberty and called home.


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 Nov. 26, 1944  Sunday

            Had the duty today so, I wrote a few letters.

 Nov, 27, 1944  Monday

            Didn’t do much all day.  Went on liberty and had some time.  I think we drank everything in Providence.

 Nov. 27, 1944  Tuesday

            They surprised me with a 44 hour liberty so I left for home at 12:00 o’clock noon and arrived at 10:45 at night.

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 Nov. 29, 1944  Wednesday

I was at home all day today until 1910.  Was up at the school almost all day and it was really nice to see everyone again.

 Nov. 20, 1944  Thursday

            Got back to ship 20 min. late, but got nothing for it.  Slept most of the day and all night.  Thanksgiving for Navy and the best meal I’ve had in some…

 Dec. 1, 1944 Friday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  We put to sea at 1700.  Where we’re headed…I’m not sure.  Pay day $30.00


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 Dec. 2, 1944  Saturday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  Have been under-way all day and still going.  Listening to Army & Navy football game.  A=23 N=7.

 Dec. 3, 1944  Sunday

            0200 to 0800 watch.  Still underway and headed for Key West, Florida.  2000 to 0200 watch this evening.

 Dec. 4, 1944  Monday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  Today it begins to get warm.  Today I saw flying fish for the first time, a really beautiful sight is fog lying on the water, it’s like vapor rising from a swamp.

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 Dec. 5, 1944 Tuesday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  The weather is beautiful now – We arrived and have anchored off shore of Key West, Fla.  I rated liberty tonight so went ashore.  What I saw amazed me.  Palm Trees and all southern vegetation.  Houses and other buildings simply and hastily built.  The doors were made like shutters of a window and everything is open as could be expected.  They really take you everything you have here.  (Hact) a fellow who went to radio school with me.  His name is Pickus.


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 Dec. 6, 1944 Wednesday

            Shack secured today, we were in on some new and secret weapon of ours.  We were told not to mention it to anyone, it’s some kind of new Torpedo that is attracted to a ships screw.  This is supposed to be the most secret experiment since the war started.

 Dec, 7, 1944 Thursday

            Stayed in today and did nothing all day except paint part of the bridge.  Which I somehow tot out of.  Three years ago today this mess started.

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 Dec. 8, 1944  Friday

            We went out and ran some more test today.  Went ashore this evening and saw a show that would put the burlesque at home to shame.  I also met a Wave from Tyrone.  Her name was Conogan.

 Dec. 9, 1944 Saturday

            Personnel Inspection this morning.  Stayed in the harbor and didn’t do much all day.

 Dec. 10, 1944 Sunday

            Went out for more test runs today and other from that we didn’t do anything.


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 Dec. 11, 1944 Monday

            Stayed in again today I painted around the bridge.  Was going on liberty tonight, but the water was so rough that the small boat were almost capsized.

 Dec. 12, 1944  Tuesday

            Went out on more test run on this new invention whatever it is.  They sure are putting it through a real test.

 Dec. 13, 1944  Wednesday

            Stayed in the harbor today and continued painting of the ship. No…’

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 …liberty tonight so I figured we are leaving Key West pretty directly.  Opened shop.

 Dec. 14, 1944  Thursday

            Had 0200 to 0800 watch, I thought we would leave this morning but they sent us out on more runs.  I was right about learning  today after our last run we kept right on going.

 Dec. 15, 1944  Friday

            2000 to 0200 watch.  Underway all day headed for Panama.  It’s getting hotter all the time.


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 Dec. 16, 1944 Saturday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  Still underway.  Had Executive’s Mass today for being in the sleeping quarters during inspection.  Two hours Extra Duty.  Payday $30.00

 Dec. 17, 1944,  Sunday

            2000 to 0200 watch,  arrived in Panama (Colony) this afternoon.  The men that had liberty came back satisfied and with many tails about the town.  It’s a good thing I had the duty.

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 Dec. 18, 1944 Monday

            1400 to 2000 watch, started through the Panama Canal this morning at 0700.  Went through the first locks at 0815.  I think this is the most beautiful country I have ever seen.  We hit the Pacific at 1430.  The water here is as smooth as the Atlantic is rough.

 Dec. 19, 1944  Tuesday

            0800 to 1400 watch. Secured part of the shack today.  We are only copying some Preqs and that only comes across every other hour.  We are headed for Pearl Habor.

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 Dec. 20, 1944  Wednesday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  Wrote two letters today.  We passed a freighter at 1700 going towards U.S.  2000 to 0200 watch tonight.

 Dec. 21, 1944 Thursday

            2000 to 0200 watch.  Taking course up the coast at present.  Just regular routine today.

 Dec. 22, 1944  Friday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  Just regular routine today.  Nothing outstanding happening.

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 Dec. 23, 1944 Saturday

            2000 to 0200 watch.  A year ago today was my last day of school.  I’d give anything in the world to be back.

 Dec. 24, 1944  Sunday

            0200 to 2000 watch.  The day before Christmas and me out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean somewhere.  Tonight the boys gathered together on the fantail and sang Christmas carols.

 Dec. 25, 1944  Monday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  The morning one of the officers dressed like Santa Clause…

 Page 22.

 …and gave gifts to the men that were made up by the Red Cross in New York.  The dinner was really good.

 Dec. 26, 1944  Tuesday

            0200 to 0800 watch.  Christmas is over, so it’s back to the same old routine.

 Dec. 27, 1944  Wednesday

            2000 to 0200 watch.  Still headed for Pearl with nothing unusual happening.

 Dec. 28, 1944  Thursday

0200 to 0800 watch.  Saw another ship today.  The second in eleven days.

 Page 23.

 Dec. 29,  Friday  1944

            2000 to 0200 watch.  Same old routine today.  Payday $30.00

 Dec. 30, 1944  Saturday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  Expect to get to pearl tomorrow.

 Dec. 31, 1944  Sunday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  Docked at Pearl Harbor at 0800 this morning.  What a place.  There are more ships here than I thought there was in the whole Navy.  Had liberty in Honolulu this afternoon – These islands are as beautiful as they look in the movies.


Page 24.

 Jan 1, 1945  Monday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  Could only secure one circuit which still leaves us with a watch.

 Jan. 2, 1945  Tuesday

            Stayed aboard today and nothing unusual happened.

 Jan. 3, 1945,  Wednesday

            Had liberty today again.  Had my picture taken with a Hula-girl in Honolulu, sent them home.

 Page 25.

 Jan. 4, 1945 Thursday

            Same as Tuesday with nothing out of the way happening.

 Jan. 5, 1945 Friday

            Another dull day aboard.  “Skinny” Blotzer came in port today so Adams and I went over to see him.

 Jan. 6, 1945 Saturday

            Went ashore again today.  Bought some clothes and souvenirs for home.


Page 26.

 Jan. 7, 1945  Sunday

            The Seabees have finished unloading our cargo of pontoons, air compressors, rubber tires and etc.  We have moved from the pier out into the harbor and tied up alongside the APA-122.

 Jan. 8, 1945  Monday

            Today is my birthday and the second that I have spent in the Navy.  I only hope and pray that I don’t have to spend another in it.

 Page 27.

 Jan. 9, 1945  Tuesday

            Left our mooring beside the PA 122 and went to the other side of the harbor to load ammunition.  8” shells.

 Jan 10,  1945  Wednesday

            We only loaded one hold with the shells so we went back to where we were moored before.

 Jan 11, 1945  Thursday

            A Merchant Marine vessel tied up along side of us today.  It was a tanker and carried planes on deck.

Page 28

Jan 12, 1945,  Friday

            Today we put to sea with a bunch of APA’s and AKA’s for further amphibious training.

Jan 13, 1945, Saturday

            Early this morning we ran into the stern of the AKA in formation in front of us, put a big hole in her.

Jan 14, 1945, Sunday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  Still on maneuvers and getting monotonous.  Had turkey for dinner.

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Jan. 15, 1945 Monday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  Still on maneuvers.

Jan 16, 1945 Tuesday

            0200 to 0800 watch.  Still on maneuvers and doing nothing unusual.

Jan 17, 1945. Wednesday

            2000 to 0200 watch.  They are raising some commotion about hitting that ship the other night.  I guess they are going to hold an investigation.


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Jan 18, 1945 Thursday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  We docked at one of the Hawaiian Islands.  We came here instead of going right back to Pearl Harbor.  I had liberty here and it really is beautiful.

Jan. 19, 1945 Friday

            2000 to 0200 watch.  Loafed around doing nothing all day.

Jan. 20, 1945 Saturday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  Still restricted, so stayed aboard again and did nothing.

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Jan. 21, 1945 Sunday

            0800 to 0200 watch.   We picked up a load of sailors to take them from here to Honolulu.  We  got underway at 0800 and arrived here about 1600.

Jan. 22, 1945 Monday

            2000 to 0200 watch.  I received eighteen letters and card after coming back off  this 10 day maneuvers.  We got rid of the s…


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Jan. 23, 1945 Tuesday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  The C.B.’s  are loading us up for our next trip which I’m afraid is going to be a long one.

Jan. 24, 1945 Wednesday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  Today was my liberty day, but they had to load supplies so they cancelled all liberty.  Just my luck.

Jan. 25, 1945 Thursday

            0200 to 0800 watch.  Nothing new all day, have 2000 to 0200 tonight.

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Jan. 26, 1945 Friday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  Still loading us with arm, truck, jeeps, cargo, fresh water, gasoline and etc.

Jan. 27, 1945 Saturday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  Was supposed to have liberty today but for the second time in a row I got locked out of it.  We put to sea from Honolulu this morning and now we are in a convoy headed for the Marshall’s  I think.


Page 34

28 Jan. 1945 Sunday

            0200 to 0800 watch.  We are in a convoy with about 21 KA’s and PA’s and about 14 Destroyers.  Today we had gunnery practice.

Jan 29, 1945 Monday

            2000 t 0200 watch.  Still underway with gunnery practice again today.

Jan 30, 1945 Tuesday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  Picked up a Sub last night and sent two D.D.’s after it but it must have been ours.

Page 35

Jan 31, 1945 Wednesday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  Everything went as usual today.

Feb. 1, 1945 Thursday

            0200 to 0800 watch.  Today we crossed the 180th Meridian.

Feb. 2, 1945 Friday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  Everything went as usual and routine.

Feb 3, 1945 Saturday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  Still underway and everything is going as uaual.


Page 36

Feb. 4, 1945 Sunday

            0200 to 0800 watch.  Today I got my rating which now makes me Radioman Third Class.

Feb 5, 1945 Monday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  Last night we got warn that a Jap Sub was sighted and was being fired on.  Today I received a message that Guam was being attacked by Jap fighters.  Today we put into Enewetak Atoll, one of the Marshall Islands.

Page 37

Feb. 6, 1945 Tuesday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  I got another stack of mail today which puts me away back.

Feb. 7, 1945 Wednesday

            0200 to 0800 watch.  Left Enewatak Atoll in the Marshall’s today.  We are at G.Q now and they are firing all guns.  2000 to 0200 watch tonight.

Page 38

Feb 9, 1945 Friday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  Today is the second time I’ve seen rain for three months.

Feb. 10, 1945 Saturday

            0200 to 0800 watch.  Wrote some letters today for a change.  The mail will not be sent to the states until after this invasion.  2000 to 0200 watch.

Feb. 11, 1945 Sunday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  Arrived at Siapan this morning.  This is the dreariest day…

Page 39

…I’ve seen since I’ve been on this ship.  I guess it’s because we are going North.

Feb 12, 1945 Monday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  The weather is nice today, but this is all that has changed.

Feb. 13, 1945 Tuesday

            0000 to 0800 watch.  The send a lot of B-29’s out of here every morning and they come back at night after their mission.  They don’t seem to loose very many either.

Page 40

Feb. 14, 1945 Wednesday

            2000 to 0200 watch.  Went out for one day maneuvers.  We had a scare tonight when they had G.Q.  They picked up some enemy planes, but they missed us.

Feb 15, 1945 Thursday

            1400 to 2000 watch.  Got some more mail today, that I probably won’t get time to answer for some time.

Feb. 16, 1945 Friday

            0800 to 1400 watch.  Left Siapan at 1800 today headed for Iwo Jima.

Page 41

Feb 17, 1945 Saturday

            0200 to 0800 watch.  We are well underway for Iwo Jima.

Feb 18, 1945 Sunday

            2000 to 0200 watch.  Got condition, 2 this morning which 6 hours on and 6 hours off.  Not much sleep for awhile now.

Feb 19, 1945 Monday

            Arrived at Iwo Jima early this morning and the invasion started at ??1200??

We were away out from the beach today but with glasses you could see almost everything that’s going on…


Page 42

…The fellow in the Amphibs that hit the beach came back tonight feeling a lot different that they did when they left this morning.

            The Japs were very well fortified and we lost a good number of soldiers at first.  The brought aboard nine casualties this evening.  We have had no air opposition today, which is surprising considering how close we are to Japan (650 miles).

Feb 20, 1945, Tuesday

            The Battlewagons and Cruisers are still pounding the island.  We…

Page 43

…are still about five miles off shore but there were shells landing all around us this morning.  So far we haven’t lost a ship and there hasn’t been any air opposition.  The Japs have two airstrips on the island but by the time we got here either all the planes were ruined or the fields blown up so bad that they couldn’t take off.  Looking through glasses you can see Jap planes laying all over the place.  The soldiers and marines have…


Page 44

…landed but are having a pretty hard time.  They are burning the Japs out of pillboxes and caves with flame throwers.  The Dive Bombers today blew up a big munitions dump with bombs and rockets.

Feb. 21, 1945 Wednesday

            Early this morning one of our PA’s rammed another pretty bad.  I’ve seen the one that did the ramming but nothing of the one that was rammed.  One of our officers was shot in the stomach today…

Page 45

…The men that go ashore told me that they were piling our dead marines up just like cord wood.

Feb. 22, 1945 Thursday

            About 0200 this morning we were attacked by enemy planes, lost one carrier for sure and possibly a cruiser and a destroyer.  They raise our flag upon the hot rock or volcano today, which was one of the Japs strongest fortifications.

Feb 23, 1945 Friday

            We went on a little closer today, but as yet…


Page 46

…We haven’t started to unload any of our cargo.   Yesterday was so rainy and foggy that we could hardly see the island, but today it is nice and clear.  It is pretty cold up here and reminds me of the weather at home about Oct.

Feb. 24, 1945 Saturday

            We keep getting closer everyday and get to see more.  We are starting to unload, but very slow.  We’ll probably be the last ship finished.  We were attacked again tonight by enemy planes for…

Page 47

…the fourth night in a row.  They do hardly any damage at all.

Feb. 25, 1945 Sunday

            We really went in close today.  We could see everything that was going on with the naked eye.  You could even see Jap soldier run for their lives when one of the ships would land a shell close to where they were hiding.  Not much firing today and things are pretty quiet in general.  We were not attacked tonight for the first time in about 4 days.


Page 48

Feb. 26, 1945 Monday

            Things started out fast and furious this morning, but cooled down quick.  The marines were supposed to have the island secure in three day but… we have been here a week and we still only have, one airstrip.  I hear they are bringing 250 planes in today.  The large cruiser “Salt Lake City” came alongside this morning for our 8” shells but we did so much damage to each other that she had to pull away and we had to transfer the ammo in small boats…

Page 49

…She just cleared all the uprights and braces on the port side cabin deck.  We banged up one of her gun turrets.  That makes the third ship we have come in contact with inside the four months we have been in commission.  No air-raid again tonight.  The must realize that it is a useless struggle.

Feb. 27, 1945 Tuesday

            We really gave them everything today.  It is the worst pounding they have gotten yet.  It lasted all day and all night with…


Page 50

…out a let up.

Feb. 28, 1945 Wednesday

            The fighting ships are still giving them a lot of trouble today.  We started to unload this afternoon and it sure is a slow process.  Over half the island is ours now and we are in close enough to watch the Marines go about their business with Flame Throwers and high explosives.  The Japs won’t come out of the caves so they are just covering them up and leaving them there.

Page 51

March 1, 1945 Thursday

            Things are getting to be more or less routine now that we’ve been here so long.  In the beginning there was more than 100 ships here but they have all left but about fifteen of us.

March 2, 1945 Friday

            Our planes are landing on the airstrip now, so I guess they must have it pretty well in hand.


Page 52

March 3, 1945 Saturday

            Everything is going about the same today.  We are almost unloaded so we should be leaving here tomorrow.  We got mail again yesterday which makes twice that they have brought it out here to us.

March 4, 1945 Sunday

            We finished unloading today and shoved off.  This was another rainy and misty day.  It sure was good to leave there.

Page 53

March 5, 1945 Monday

            It sure is quiet today no big gun firing in our ears.  We have going about 10 knots all day, Set Condition #3.

March 6, 1945 Tuesday

            All the fellows are resting up today and they sure need it.  They were on the go all the time.

March 7, 1945 Wednesday

            We arrived at Siapan this morning about 0800.  I guess we are going to load up for the next invasion some where isn’t far away.


Page 54

March 8, 1945 Thursday

            We moved into the dock this morning about 0900 and started to load right away.

March 9, 1945 Friday

            We are loading gasoline, “K” rations, ammunition and trucks, so far.  We got about 80 Marines aboard today.

March 10, 1945 Saturday

            Still loading but not very fast this place looks like it has never been in Japanese hand and occupied not less than a year ago.

Page 55

March 11, 1945 Sunday

            We are just about loaded now and said we would leave the docks at 1500 but later changed it ‘till tomorrow.

March 12, 1945 Monday

            We left the dock this morning loaded and ready for the next invasion.  We anchored just inside the nets.

March 13, 1945 Tuesday

            We laid at anchor all day.


Page 56

March 14, 1945 Wednesday

            Today we went out of the net and circled a few times in order to cominsate our compasses.  We came back in this evening.

March 15, 1945 Thursday

            We left for maneuvers this afternoon at Titian Island.

March 16, 1945 Friday

            They took the boats off for a practice invasion today which didn’t last long.

Page 57

March 17, 1945 Saturday

            Going through routine stuff all day.

March 18, 1945 Sunday

            Loafed all day except for watch.  Back from maneuvers.

March 19, 1945 Monday

            Same as yesterday

March 20, 1945 Tuesday

            Did nothing again today.

March 21, 1945 Wednesday

            Went ashore at Siapan today for liberty.  We each got three can of beer which is our ration.


Page 58

March 22, 1945 Thurday

            We stayed aboard today, with general routine.

March 23, 1945 Friday

            Same as yesterday.

March 24, 1945 Saturday

            Did nothing again today.

March 25, 1945 Sunday

            Went ashore again today and got my beer.  Before we came back somebody started throwing everybody in the drink, so we all went back wet.  It was lots of fun.

Page 59

March 26, 1945 Monday

            Got a lecture on this invasion at Okinawa Jima and were told that we leaving tomorrow.

March 27, 1945 Tuesday

            Shoved off today heading for my second invasion which may turn out to be more than one.

March 28, 1945 Wednesday

            Everyone is settled down to underway conditions.  The water is pretty choppy making a pretty rough ride especially for the Marines of the 2nd Marine Div.


Page 60

March 29, 1945 Thursday

            We attempted to refuel an APD which is a converted destroyer and lost a vp. Plus getting a hole put in our bow by her anchor.

March 30, Friday

            Just daily routine.

March 31, Saturday

            We will get there tomorrow morning.

April 1, 1945 Sunday

            This is really an important day.  Easter, April fool’s day and our day for this invasion…

Page 61

…We arrived this morning and laying to a good distance from the island. Okinawa.

April 2, 1945 Monday

            We faked another landing this morning on the southeast side to draw the nip away from the west, where the real invasion landed.  Today 74 boys shot at their first Nip.

April 3, 1945 Tuesday

            We are about 100 miles from Okinawa so we will not unnecessary attacked.  We have the reserve troops so there is no need for us until called.


Page 62

April 4, 1945 Wednesday

            We are still passing time until called.

April 5, 1945 Thursday

            We still have not been called for as of yet.

April 6, 1945 Friday

            We are still underway but don’t seem to be going any place as far as I can see.  I guess nobody knows?

April 7, 1945, Saturday

            We refueled two Destroyers today while underway and it sort…

Page 62

…of broke the monotony. 

April 8, 1945 Sunday

            We have been eating dehydrated food almost entirely for a week.

April 14, 1945

            Pulled into Siapan from Okinawa we did not unload.

Roy J Heaton (bottom right)